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By Your Side Throughout The Probate Process

Processing your grief after your loved one passes can take a heavy toll on your emotions, whether the death was expected or not. If you have been selected to settle your loved one’s estate, it can be overwhelming to fulfill your obligations while you are in mourning. This is not a task you should face alone.

Rely on our team at Bailey & Bailey, LLC, to guide you through New York’s probate process. As your legal advocate, we will protect your best interests at every stage and ensure that your concerns are handled as expediently as possible. Allow us to shoulder your legal burden so that you can grieve without legal distractions.

We Can Help You Fulfill All Your Obligations

For over seven decades, our firm has served as a legal resource to executors in Long Island and Queens. We will use our knowledge to help you probate your loved one’s will, resolve outstanding debt and distribute assets in a timely manner.

When you partner with us, we will help you handle all tasks related to probating an estate, including:

  • Notifying heirs and creditors
  • Creating an estate inventory
  • Assessing estate assets and property
  • Paying off estate debts and taxes and closing accounts associated with the estate
  • Distributing remaining assets and property to beneficiaries

If your loved one died without a valid will, we can file a petition with the appropriate court to receive permission to administer the estate according to New York’s intestacy laws. We have helped countless clients resolve difficult probate-related issues, so we are familiar with the strategies that get results without undue delay.

Qualified To Assist With Will Contests And Other Probate Disputes

Lamont Bailey, our managing partner, has extensive experience with complex legal disputes. He is qualified to advocate for you in will contests, trust litigation and any other conflicts that arise during probate.

Whether you are a New York resident or an out-of-state executor, you can count on our firm to handle all your estate administration and probate matters with integrity and tenacity.

Learn More Today

Contact our Springfield Gardens today to learn about the probate process and your duties as an executor. We offer free phone consultations, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with a lawyer on our team.

Connect with us online or over the phone at 718-489-9382 to schedule your call.