Helping You Administer An Estate When There Is No Will

If your loved one has died without a will in New York, it’s common to have more questions than answers about the steps you have to take to distribute the deceased’s assets and property. Among all probate matters, intestacy, which means “administering an estate when there is no will,” is one of the most complicated legal tasks you can face.

At Bailey & Bailey, LLC, our attorneys have the knowledge you need to resolve this issue and other probate matters. Our firm has provided skilled estate administration and probate representation to beneficiaries, heirs and administrators for over 70 years. Whether you live in Queens, Long Island or out of state, we are ready to help you during this challenging time.

How New York’s Intestacy Laws May Affect You

Valid wills identify who is responsible for settling the estate and which heirs are entitled to receive assets or property. Without this document, it is up to the court to select an estate administrator, identify heirs and determine what they inherit.

If you are interested in serving as an estate administrator, contact our firm. We can help you file the appropriate documents with Surrogate’s Court. After the petition is approved, you will be given the authority to gather assets and distribute them according to state intestacy laws. We can advise you of your legal obligations so that you can avoid obstacles that can lead to lawsuits or delay the estate administration process.

If you believe that you are a rightful heir, we can help protect your rights under state laws and ensure that you receive the inheritance you deserve.

Not All Assets Need To Be Probated

While most property and assets pass through a will, there are many valuable assets that can be distributed outside the intestacy process, including:

  • Funds held in retirement accounts
  • Life insurance payouts
  • Funds from payable-on-death accounts
  • Property owned in joint tenancy or tenancy by the entirety

Establishing a trust, transferring property and naming beneficiaries on accounts are legal strategies that help surviving co-owners and beneficiaries receive their inheritance without court involvement.

New York’s estate administration and intestacy laws are complex, but we are equipped to advise you of your options and develop a plan that achieves a favorable outcome.

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