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Serving New York’s Probate Needs For More Than 70 Years

After a loved one passes away, those left behind must navigate probate laws, often for the first time. In addition to the grief, this process can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, experienced probate and estate administration help is available.

At Bailey & Bailey, LLC, our firm has decades of experience. Since our founding in 1949, our legal team has been a pillar of the community, and we want to give you what you need to thrive. In good times and during struggles, we are here to guide you. For extensive probate and estate administration help, we welcome you to our offices. Call us at 718-489-9382 for an appointment.

What Makes Probate And Intestacy Challenging

There are two primary forms of estate administration in New York: administration of a will or trust and intestacy. Intestacy refers to the process of administering an estate that has no estate plan in place. While many of the laws are intuitive, like property going to next of kin, the practical side of estate administration is not always so straightforward. You will have to answer questions like:

  • What debts does the estate have?
  • Can you identify all relevant persons, like children, spouses and relatives?
  • Are estate taxes applicable?
  • What investments, accounts, pensions and nonliquid assets are included in the estate?
  • If there is a will, is it up-to-date and enforceable?

The process can be overwhelming, and mistakes are costly, both financially and socially. Few people expect you to manage this process alone.

Working With Our Team

Our firm has helped generations of families across Queens, Brooklyn and New York find peace through the probate process. We can help you. Reach out at any time for a free first appointment.