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Preparing You For The Road Ahead

Although you don’t have complete control over your future, you can make choices today that can help you effectively address age-related crises when they arise. At Bailey & Bailey, LLC, we are here to educate you on elder care planning so that you can look to the future with hope, not fear.

Our firm is well-known throughout Queens and Long Island, having assisted clients in situations similar to yours since 1949. Our attorneys have deep roots in these communities, so they understand the concerns you have when you are making plans for long-term care. We are committed to using our knowledge to find the best solution for your unique circumstances.

Helping You Make Sense Of Medicaid

As the costs of in-home medical care and nursing home care continue to rise, more individuals are relying on Medicaid assistance to pay these expenses and avoid depleting their own savings. Working with one of our knowledgeable lawyers can help you navigate New York’s Medicaid application process and secure benefits as promptly as possible.

Our team can identify strategies that allow you to protect your assets while maintaining eligibility. We will give you honest advice on the benefits and drawbacks associated with options that include:

  • Transferring residences
  • Utilizing the spousal refusal or spousal transfer options
  • Gifting to family members, charities and other organizations
  • Drafting a caregiver agreement
  • Spending down your income

We remain current on the ever-shifting guidelines and regulations that determine Medicaid eligibility, so you can be certain that you receive cutting-edge legal counsel throughout the application process.

Designing An Estate Plan To Address Your Elder Care Needs

As our client, you benefit from our comprehensive estate planning services. Our attorneys can customize a plan that addresses your elder care needs, whether they are related to asset protection, decision-making rights in the event of incapacitation, or another related matter.

We are able to design and revise these estate planning tools that can enhance your elder care plan:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Advance medical directives
  • Qualified income trusts (QITs)
  • Pooled income trusts (PITs)

You may not know what the future holds for you or your loved ones. With careful planning, you can feel confident that you will be able to adapt to the changes or crises that emerge as you age.

We Are Here To Help. Contact Us Today.

We offer no-obligation phone consultations because we want you to know your elder care planning options. You can schedule your appointment with an experienced lawyer at our Springfield Gardens office when you call 718-489-9382 or send us an email.